Graphic design

We provide a variety of graphic design services, including branding and identity. Helping you with everything from logo creation to implementing the designs across all communication channels- print materials like postcards or business cards as well as web content such as websites and social media pages!

  • Website design

  • Brand identity

  • Logo design


We build professional websites designed by experts using cutting-edge technology so you can concentrate on running your business as efficiently as possible.

We handle all aspects such as design & development from start (or) tweaking brilliantly crafted designs created by our team right down through hosting & maintenance

  • Front-end dev

  • Back-end dev

  • Content management systems (CMS)

  • E-commerce

  • Native apps

Search engine optimization

SEO is a term that stands for Search Engine Optimization. This type of marketing is designed to help companies rank higher on Google's search engine. In order for this to happen, we make sure to optimize a company's website with targeted keywords and phrases.

When people search for certain products or services, the business owner will be one of the top results.

  • Keyword research

  • Link building

  • Website optimization

Social media marketing

Our social media marketing services help companies and individuals with the ability to grow their followers and engage with potential clients.

We provide our clients with tailored strategies for optimizing their social media pages through content and advertising.

  • Social media management

  • Paid media ads

  • Giveaway contests

Kempite works fast and accurately. The live code looks exactly like the designs created in Figma.

Sandor Valdes

DentalWhale | Senior Designer

We're getting such an influx of calls its insane! Nice job Kempite team!!!!

Beth shelton

Local Gutter Company

We needed new features after launching the websites and the Kempite team was able to deliver within a few days!

Sammy Tepper

Assembly | Business Operations Associate

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