Logo and brand identity

We offer branding services that are tailored to your needs. We start with an initial consultation where we get to know you, your brand, your audience, and your challenges. From there, we can create a logo that's unique to you or help you completely rebrand by creating a new identity.

A rebranding or a logo design is very important, but what's even more important is the message behind it. We help you create content that effectively communicates your brand personality and story in a way that captures customer attention and has them coming back for more.

Website design

We have been providing top-notch web design and development solutions to our clients from around the world. We have been in this industry for more than eight years and have built up a reputation based on consistent delivery of work and customer satisfaction

Whether you're looking for more traffic to your business website or an online store, we can help. With our dedicated web experts handling the project from A to Z,  we can assure you a great return on your investment in the form of more leads, greater conversions, and an overall increase in revenue.

Kempite works fast and accurately. The live code looks exactly like the designs created in Figma.

Sandor Valdes

DentalWhale | Senior Designer

We needed new features after launching the websites and the Kempite team was able to deliver within a few days!

Sammy Tepper

Assembly | Business Operations Associate

Project's we've
worked on

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